"Choices" by Linda Toupin

“Choices” has helped many people make the decision to take advantage of an entrepreneurial in-home business. “Choices” is hosted and created by business woman, motivational speaker and teacher Linda Toupin. Listening to “Choices” is a great way to experience success through the personal career journey of someone who started out as a Home Economics teacher and grew her business all the way to the Top.

Excerpt from “Choices”

“It didn’t matter if you were tired, in a bad mood or a relative had just died – the cows had to be milked.”

Inner Circle National Sales Director Linda Toupin

Linda joined Mary Kay in 1982 while teaching in the public school system as the Home Economics Instructor for grades 6-12 in a small rural school. She debuted as a Sales Director in 1983 and left her teaching position in 1986. Working as a full-time director and full-time mom, she quickly moved her unit to Cadillac status where they have remained for a consecutive 30 years. Her national area retails over 10 million dollars each year.
Linda’s mission: To help other women reach their full potential through a Mary Kay career.